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A Beautiful Business

Meet Karina Aguilar, the passionate force behind Katalina's House of Beauty. As a licensed hairstylist, esthetician, and permanent makeup tattoo artist, I am dedicated to educating, inspiring, and empowering women to embrace their natural beauty. Drawing inspiration from my culture and family, I have created a space where love flows freely, offering you a clean oasis where you are cherished, pampered, and given the attention you deserve.

My personal journey with my curls has shaped my mission. I understand the struggles of feeling like only straight hair is acceptable, spending my teenage years subjecting my curls to relentless flat ironing. It was through my beauty school experience that I discovered how to care for my hair and, in turn, discovered my true self. Now, I invite you to embark on your own beauty journey by taking a seat in my chair, allowing us to explore and celebrate your unique beauty together.

With over 5 years of experience in the beauty industry, I have honed my skills and specialized in natural hair care. Whether it's hair, makeup, permanent makeup, waxing, eyebrows, or bridal services, my goal at Katalina's is to fulfill all your desires. I want you to feel exquisitely beautiful in every aspect.

Join me at Katalina's House of Beauty, where your natural beauty is celebrated, nurtured, and elevated to new heights. Together, we'll create a transformative experience that will leave you feeling empowered and radiating confidence


Can't wait to hear from you

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